Hair Transplant

World class hair transplants offered by Dr. D. S. Walia in India


Dr. Devinderjit Singh Walia’s Walia Hair Transplant Center –Walia Hospital deals in providing cutting edge hair transplants by advanced FUE techniques. The permanent hair restoration treatment is applied for rebuilding fashionable hairstyles on head and face where hair loss had collapsed it. The FUE technique of Dr. Walia gives rise to new, beautiful, and durable hairstyles on head, beard, moustaches, eyebrows & eyelashes. These styles remain permanent with growing capability. Broken hairstyles by baldness or hair thinning are reconstructed successfully by the surgeon at the clinic. There is no side effect of the permanent treatment because hair-grafts are taken from patient’s own skin. The FUE technique of the doctor is proved to be blessing for sufferers of the disorder. It gives rise to 100% proven & positive result of the hairstyle restoration. He offers them discount on thier hair transplant treatment.
The treatment of Dr. Walia helps the patients to coming out of following health conditions
Worries about getting older: The disorders cause concerns about looking older than their actual age. Many young boys, during their early twenties, are seen affected by the disorder nowadays. They look like father before their marriage.
Everyday problem of doing hairstyle: The patients generally face trouble when they do their hairstyle each day. It annoys them in front of a mirror in their dressing room. They also avoid visiting beauty salons to update it according to latest fashion.
Sadness with personal appearance: The disorder and bald areas create endless stress in their mind. Day by day, they wish looking young with dense hairstyles that match with latest trends of fashion.
Become an object of teasing: The patients feel themselves as becoming an object of bullying for others at several public places such as car parking centers, railway stations, bus stands, hospitals, and airports.
Decreased level of confidence: The patients show lack of confidence in them. They could not talk with other persons confidently due to their imperfect look.
Reconstruction of the damaged hairstyles by the surgeon fills full confidence in the patients. After hair transplantation they could talk boldly with anybody anytime.
Apart from above mentioned advantages, FUE technique of Dr Walia also provides number of other benefits listed below

      It does not create scars on donor skin
      It is absolutely painless treatment
      It does not require medical stitching
      It is one time investment on hairstyle for getting it fixed
      It does not require regular intake of any medicine
      The treatment is economical in India as compare to other developed nations of the world

The most important & best part of the treatment is that it does not create side effect on health of a patient who undergoes the treatment. It always provides natural appearance to their transplanted hairstyles. Dr. Walia helping the patients for their coming out of darkness and stress to live in enlightened world of joy. He makes them to live happily and confidently according to current fashion with newly constructed hairstyles by his technique on their head/face.

FUE Hair Transplant

Known as Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE), the technique is very popular as it always gives perfect and scar free results to restored hairstyles. It needs FUE punches and needles with minute diameters under millimeter generally 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm. The punches help pulling out hair grafts from donor skin and the needles support its transplant in bald areas. The instruments used in this technique support bloodless treatment and scar free results. Dr. Walia’s art of the technique is unique that always gives best results. Each and every graft he transplants grows into two or three hairs. He knows the right art about how to give suitable angles to the grafts that collectively develop into the styles similar to the natural ones.

FUT Hair Transplant

Termed as Follicular Unit Transplant, the minor medical surgery needs a strip of skin with live grafts. It is generally taken from back of scalp of a person. It leaves there a permanent linear scar. Dr. Walia does not suggest this surgery. Individual facing baldness does not prefer it too. It is, on whole, a conventional method of the treatment. It causes bleeding and a linear scar formation on donor skin. Secondly, it takes longer time than FUE method for graft collection and recovery to normal.

Body Hair Transplant

It is actually transplant of body hairs. The surgeon has to use it when there is lack of the grafts on scalp. The surgery is completed through FUE process. The grafts can be taken from any body part that bears the natural gift such as Beard, Chest, Legs, Arms, and Shoulders of a man. The body parts usually contain good growth of the natural filaments. Dr. Walia also performs it on most of balding men who lacks hairs on back of their scalp. The hairs can also be transferred to any hairy feature including beard/ mustaches/ eyebrow/ or eyelash.

Beard Transplant

Some men also lose the natural hairs on their beard. The surgeon also grows it on beard to give it a perfect style. He takes the grafts from their posterior head or the body parts to complete the task. He, hence, helps to reconstruct the beard that is damaged by the disorder or other reasons such as cuts on its skin. It looks naturally grown beard after his procedure of the minor surgery. Scars without hairs on beard also treated by the doctor.

Moustache Transplant

The surgeon also grows hairs on moustaches through the technique. Cuts and spots with hair loss are also made invisible. The transplanted hairs match with the natural hairs on it. Some boys and men who do not have complete moustaches also take advantage of this treatment.

Eyebrows Transplant

Eyebrows are also made hairy by the technique. Some individuals lack complete eyebrows. Hair Thinning on it is also put right at the clinic by the surgeon. The aesthetically treatment makes people looking with perfect eyebrows.

Eyelashes Transplant

Live hairs are also moved on eyelash successfully by the surgeon if it shows lack of the natural filaments. It is very meticulous job to transfer the hairs on lashes.

Male Hair transplant

The above mentioned surgeries when applied on male patients of the disorder, is called Male Hair Transplant. Men show Male Pattern Baldness, hair loss on facial hairy features.

Female Hair Transplant:

The minor surgeries when performed on females, then, it is known as female hair transplant. Ladies generally face hair thinning than baldness. They also get hair loss on their face.

Celebrity Hair Transplant

The surgeries are also availed by many celebrities regarding Hollywood/Bollywood/Sports/Politics/ or Industry. They too undergo the treatment. Celebrities also face the disorder and they take the benefits of the modern treatments to restore their hairstyles that grow naturally.