Hair Transplant Nawanshahr

Walia Hair Transplant Center also provides FUE Hair Transplant Services for people who live in Nawanshahr district, its villages, towns, and cities. Victims of hair loss can visit Walia Hospital for getting their hair transplant done. They may contact through our contact phone numbers available on this website. They may use their own conveyance or travel by train/bus to reach to the hospital. NRIs (Non Resident Indians) who live in the district may also avail the Hair Restoration services to get their Hair Loss issues be fixed permanently & economically at the Hair Transplant Clinic.
Several NRIs & foreigners have taken benefits of the treatment of the hospital. Dr. D.S. Walia himself examines your hair loss and provides suitable painless and effective treatment to it. The Hair Transplant Cost is quite affordable. It depends on skin area under hair loss and number of hair grafts required to cover it up. Do not hesitate to email your hair loss images at Get advice from our experts about its most permanent & suitable solution. Call us at 9815244152 to get an appointment with us. Hair loss consultation is free of cost.
If you live in Nawanshahr, also known as Shahid Baghat Singh Nagar, then Walia Hospital is the best Hair Transplant Clinic for you to choose and get your hair loss problem fixed permanently as well as gorgeously. The Hair Transplant Nawanshahr offers natural Hair Transplant on head and face.