Hair Transplant Morinda

A prime way which is quite effective in terms of successfully growing back your lost hair on head is by having a hair restoration surgeon do a procedure of hair transplant. For thousands of balding men, the hair transplant surgery has helped a lot to stop unwanted hair loss and restore their confidence by regaining a natural-looking hair. A hair transplant is a successful solution that involves a cautious process to promote your hair re-growth on bald head in a natural way.

The recipient sites (thinning or bald portions) are the areas of concern while the area of donor site is where the doctor will make a graft of extracted follicles with ease. The procedure is for your surgeon who chooses to remove a patch of hair from the donor zone (often the back of head) for transplant. Next the donor area will be injected with local anesthetic agent for your comfort after which removal of the donor strip is performed. Finally, they’ll immediately sew or suture it back. An individual graft involves separating the hair taken from the donor site into bundles of 1 to 4 hair follicles that provide coverage at the receding hairline area and for having natural density as possible however.

Hair restoration surgery is an attractive alternative to male or female pattern hair loss and hairline recession. Instead of relying on OTC unpromising topical products, best to trust experience of hair transplant procedures such as a method called Follicular Unit Extraction in which small-FUE punch is used to extract follicular units from patient’s dense hair growth donor area not requiring the removal of strip of tissue. Whilst Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is another recommended technique superior in measures of outcome including recovery, high degree of patient satisfaction and long lasting results are these techniques which give a winning long term hair transplantation result due to thicker or fuller hair grow back in a short period of time.

The problem of hair loss is quite common which affects the self-image and confidence of many individuals. However, due to the hair thinning or baldness problem, several people get into deep gloom. Though the natural treatments can help to reduce hair loss, but for permanent results best and affordable hair transplant clinic is recommended. The hair will re-grow onto the balding head areas permanently. If you’re interested to get treatment to your fix bald spots and hair loss, then talk to a professional doctor at Hair transplant Morinda today with regard to the procedure so that to get the maximum benefit out of it.

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