Hair Transplant Cost India

Hair transplant cost is a very important factor that is used to decide to go through a hair transplant surgery in a clinic or not. Hair loss patients generally try hair transplant cost at different clinics before making a final decision about it. Hair transplant cost in India at hair transplant clinic Walia Hospital India is quite affordable. At the clinic, Dr. D. S. Walia quotes the hair transplant cost to his clients after examining their hair loss. The cost depends on technique, number of grafts, and area of baldness.  Furthermore, it also takes into account that how much density of hairs per square cm does one want.

Some important points to be noticed before considering hair transplant cost that affect its measure:

Proper assessment to hair loss: Doctor’s proper assessment to judge hair loss before suggesting hair transplant to a patient is very most important.  Dr. D. S. Walia first examines hair loss on head or face of a patient before suggesting him a hair transplant procedure. He does so through some blood tests of patients for anemia, hypothyroidism, cancer or other disorder that linked with hair loss. He also determines whether it is outcome of side effects of medicines or not. Dr. Walia does not suggest hair transplant treatment if hair loss of a patient can be reversible to normal by treating its actual cause. He only suggests hair transplant to those patients whose hair follicles on bald areas died due to DHT. So, keep in mind that hair transplant is not always required for all patients of hair loss. If your hair loss is treatable then hair transplant is not suggested to you at our clinic. Moreover, you have no need bother about hair transplant or its cost if your hair loss occurred due to your abnormal health condition that can be reversed by suitable medicinal treatment.

Hair density requirement: If a patient requires more density of hairs in his/her bald area then the cost ultimately goes high. The density of hair is measured through hair grafts/square centimeter. Hair transplant surgeon Dr D. S. Walia generally marks little cubes, each of 1 square cm to cover bald area on head so that hair grafts can equally be distributed there. Male patients who experience excessive baldness generally have to pay more cost of hair transplant.

Extent of baldness and sitting sessions: If bald area is large in extent and you need 2 or 3 sittings to cover it entirely then the cost ultimately goes up. You may also get hair transplant done in parts if your bald area is extensively large. Second and third sitting sessions are often provided on consecutive days at our clinic.

Hair Transplant Technique Used: Dr. Walia always uses his 4th generation FUE technique to transplant hairs. The best virtues of his technique are that

  • It is entirely painless procedure: You do not experience any pain during its procedure
  • It is bloodless method means no bleeding takes place during the minor surgery
  • It is stitch free procedure means stitches are not required for stitching skin at hair graft donor area
  • It is side effect and nerve loss free technique: There is no nerve loss and side effect of it on health
  • Fast recovery than invasive FUT method: The FUE technique always provides fast recovery
  • It does not require regular use of medicines after hair transplant done
  • The cost of hair transplant at Walia Hospital:

At Walia Hair Transplant Center India, the hair transplant cost varies between INR 50/hair graft to INR 100/hair graft for treatment of pattern baldness depending on complexity of case. Considerable hair transplant cost discount is also given each month to those who get baldness treatment at the clinic. The cost is not fixed, however it is negotiable and competitively economical.