Hair extraction for bald area

FUE procedure is one of the best most advanced transplantation method performed by experienced surgeons in which the hair from the convenient are taken for implantation to the bald regions to increase its density. The FUE technique is the modern procedure that doctors follow with patients wishes. Specialists plan for hair transplantation then mark hairline regions, number of grafts to be extracted followed by implantation to be performed for natural appearance & high quality results. Cost is charged as per degree of patient’s baldness region as well as the number of follicles. The doctor will deal with the scalp keeping the determination towards the method of operation analyzing the kind of hair fall. Based on the baldness space and donor area, the number of hair follicles will be taken and transplanted in holes of the patient’s scalp. FUE does not result in any scars on the transplantation area thereby give best final result. With due study and inspection of the patient’s file, surgeons determine all the possible quality things that are for great hair quality which is the most important factor that a patient wish for which value density of the hair, grafts size as well and growth type whether it is straight or wavy. The more the hair is implanted, the better would be outcome.

FUE technique takes steps wherein at first determination and plan is made for preparation of the operation. Next hair follicles are extracted from donor area performed by using manual punch or micromotor. Further Canal opening is performed based on follicles thickness as well as depth with the help of canal openers. The method is carried out through appropriate precise angles and directions for natural effect. At the end, after few days of approximately 7 days, hair follicles become dense and your hair continues to grow naturally as of new hair cells shedding the transplanted ones.